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About usTrivers LED Lighting is a leading chinese manufacturer and supplier of LED Cabinet Light designed for installation into all types of showcases and cabinets. Most of our exciting ranges of LED product have been designed to be easy to install and cost effective. More>>

LED Showcase Lighting Fixtures

Shop LED showcase lighting designed for diversified display showcase lighting Fixtures. Available in different lengths and colour temperatures, our LED showcase lighting fixtures are ideal for difficult and limited space LED showcase lighting applications and create dramatic lighting. Our showcase lighting comes in various designs to fit to your liking and some customization is available.

Do you own a store that has a fairly sizable jewelry department? Wouldn’t you like to attract more people just by improving your lighting? Take your store display case lighting to the next level with the powerful, intensive illumination that our LED jewelry display lighting products offer. Our LED lights for jewellery showcase will make your pieces sparkle. Not only they ensure that your jewellery displays are illuminated at exactly the right colour temperature, but also significantly lower the energy consumption resulting in cheaper electricity bills, which means savings for you!